Just another teen?

I have a habit of noticing random avies passing by and reading their profiles when I dont have anything specul to do. This lady teen passed me some days ago and I noticed she was “old” in SL though just 19 years irl. If that is true. Or is this another case of Role Play? Was the Teen grid active as early as 2006?

Anyhoo she had some profound stuff in her profile I approved of… sounding older than she claimed to be :) What do you think about teens on the grid? I myself has nothing against them. It makes the grid more diversified in a good way. Even though some of them can be a bit childish but so can grown ups too….

Happy X-mas to all of you who celebrate Christmas today! Hugss!


4 Comments to “Just another teen?”

  1. “Even though some of them can be a bit childish but so can grown ups too….”
    I’ve met people who claimed to be in their 30s but acted like they were barely 15

  2. hm after chewing on this one for a bit I have to say Im still dead against kids in SL. Its still a grid made by adults for adults. That cant be changed (unless LL decides to purge the entire grid and we all start over)
    Before: yes kids lied to get into the the main SL but if caught the Lindens dealt with them swiftly (belive it or not) so that was a security in it self
    Now: kids still lie to gain access to parts of SL they are not allowed into but reporting what you “think” is a kid is today risky at best. LL has adopted a “shoot first, dont bother asking later” policy
    Thing is that ther are tons of VW and the like out there, much more PGs than Adults only infact (Hypergrid Business has a list where the grids are listed as PG or mixed or Adults only) so there was no reason for LL to get them to the main SL. The fact they still moved ahead showed IMO to me that LL has completely lost any contact to what SL was and who their user base was..
    I myself is a mother (as you know) and there is no way on gods green earth or in the universe that I would ever allow a kid of mine to go into SL. Aside from that I get highly annoyed when I meet teens in SL .. I dont wanna deal with them, I dont come to VWs to deal with kids I deal with that on my day to day life in the physical world my virtual life is my adult time. (now I know I didnt say anything last we were in SL together but that was out of respect for you and Lea trust me, if I had been alone I would have told him not to talk to me and most likely left)
    Harsh? Maybe.

    • GOD i tried to answer but someone irl is nagging on me all the time (phone) so I lost it. gahhh! =)) I agree in a lot of what u say and I think many ppl see it like you do. They are maybee chewing on it still too =)) Teens can be hell i know, but they often have a lot of imagination and skill and therefor can add value to a grid I believe. Lot of grown ups can act more childish im afraid =)) But then we have to draw a line somewhere and that is “age” which dont always have an impact on how we react and treat each other.

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