Virtual Christmas, humped by a bear and eaten by a dino

And I hope you will have a wonderful Real Life christmas too <3 You know in Sweden we celebrate Christmas today not tomorrow =) And also….

What will my neighbour say? I already had one neighbour complaining about my mammoth. :] The bridge is almost covered. <3

…thanks all friends for all these christmascards! They make me happy everytime I land on my bridge <3 The largest christmascard though is not to be seen here. It was 143 prims so I had to rezz it in a sandbox =)) Its a whole winter world, you can even make snow angels in it  =))

Its from my crazy friends Perfik and Charmina in Second Life, whom i met first time in inWorldz. We were neighbours and they used to put me on a plate and feed me to their dino everytime i was “away” (I always lost my hair in the process, arggh!).

Afterwards i always got a picture of the happening, this is just one of them :P I love you booth you pixies!! Smoochies!!

From Miso I got this wonderful little teddy bear humping (hmm I mean clinging) my arm <3

It gives me protection. InWorldz i got wonderful christmas gifts too. BIG THANKS!  <3 But atm I have a break from that world cos of personal reasons so no pics atm. Maybee later. Though a special protective gift stands on my parcel by the campfire, if you are curious :))


5 Comments to “Virtual Christmas, humped by a bear and eaten by a dino”

  1. a Morning Glædelig Jul for you Mera :)

    as you know we celebrate today as well I just woke up reading my emails etc. As soon as I gain some consiousness we (son and I) will have a giant breakfast: saugages, scrambled eggs, bacon, small pancakes, bread & cheese, tea, applejuice, orangejuice.

    Tonight its christmas dinner (my fav part yum)

    Now normally we open gifts in denmark after dinner (same for you guys right?) but because of Arons ADHD part I changed it in our home and gifts will be after breakfast.

    Have a great day *hugs*

    • Lady; GOD JUL!! Oh I also give them a gift in the morning =) They get calmer that way :P The rest after dinner yes! Take care and have a wonderful christmas! Huggsss!

  2. Merry Christmas Mera and a happy new year. XXXX

  3. @Apmel; tack o god jul! =)

    @Gaga; thanks and i wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year and a lot of interesting blogposts to read =))

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