No pants in OsGrid

OsGrid is a bit different than SL, both for good and bad :) The other day i  had a friend visiting me and for some time we only saw her as a cloud. The solution to the cloud problem is to purge your avie at the osgrid homepage (you must log in first) or replace outfit to a texture free skin and shape without clothes and prims, then change back items by items. Both works. When my friend finally rezzed she had no pants so we had to go shopping. I wonder, why spend time in Red light center, Sven, when OsGrid has it all and for free?  ;)

Another “problem” in OsGrid is empty trash. You have to empty your trash at the homepage too, under “account”. Otherwise it will all come back next log in. So dont forget otherwise you will have zillions of unecessary items eventually =)

If you are not logged in Osgrid you can still see if your friends is online in the menu “my grid tools” – “users inworld”. This is an interesting page because it shows all sims that has any avie online. So you can find new sims this way that looks interesting and also see where ppl are gathering for parties and stuff. You see your friends with name but otherwise it just says “somebody”.


4 Comments to “No pants in OsGrid”

  1. If curiosity and desire to explore is a disease – it was a virus RLC (RLC is part of Utherverse). The solution Utherverse show goes beyond what both Osgrid and Second Life has but Utherverse miss is the ease of creating. I am now partially back in Osgrid and Second Life, but other worlds continues to fascinate me and therefore I have now investigating how a server is connected to the new RealXtend. In the future, when the Swedish Interactive City will start properly, I will be there. I belong to the virtual nomadic peoples … and I know that Mera will follow me if I find something really interesting;)

    Osgrid is a wonderful world that is fighting against a lot of prejudices.

    • @Sven; This sounds exciting! And you know me too well. I will continue to stalk you through the metaverse :]

      [EDIT; Ds. Sven guh vilken fin video, tack…]

  2. For the record, it’s not me on the picture.

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