Im so dizzy my head is spinning

I seldom use ultra graphics but when i did the other day I got a pleasant surprise. LLs V3 viewer is amazing when it comes to focus on avatars. The background goes all dizzy and focus is on the avie totally. When you zoom in items instead all gets normal and sharp again. Wonderful feature!

Still V3 starts to lag for me after a while so I have to restart quite often. Even if I use lower graphic settings (high is the lowest I ever go). I hope they´ll fix it soon. Still Its not that bad I feel I need to change viewer. The media feature has capture me totally and now this..

Cuddly Bear is a christmas gift from Miso <3


4 Comments to “Im so dizzy my head is spinning”

  1. I noticed the “cahce is full”-problem, there are two work-arounds; 1 Check preferences – theres a new setting for cachesize, 2 Quit Firefox before you start the viewer, FF7-8 and the SL-3 dont work well together.

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