We are only friends…

This is what can happen when you have more than 1 avie and multiple shapes….I was exploring a place in Second Life with a friend (AW) using the Vesper avie but the group tag said Mera (name of my other avie) over my head. We met a couple we had met briefly earlier, I didnt remember it even. We had a short chat then he said:

–  HB: you should get married (short paus)
–  HB: oh………. (confused)
–  HB: your both of them
–  HB: didnt realize…. (facepalm)
–  HB: thought Mera was somebody else
–  AW: lol
–  Vesper/Mera: :))
–  Vesper/Mera: well AW is beautyful and a wonderful person so i wont say no ;)
–  AW: oh my noooo (a destiny worse than death?)
–  Vesper/Mera: giggles
–  HB: :)
–  AW: lol
–  AW: well we will continue our adventure here, see you HB and Sarah(anxious to escape)
–  AW: merry xmas :)
–  Vesper/Mera: yes it was nice talking to you
–  HB: peace and love
–  Vesper/Mera: marriage is off, maybee next time? ㋡
–  AW: lol
–  HB: cool

Me, myself and I, pic from jan 2010


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