Never shoot a ship with sail down – – #Second Life

“Betty Radmussen: shouts: ok SHOOT EM!” Last monday I joined a pirate RP in Antiquity Battle Dock.  There are a lot of  informations about the sims and roleplay at this port so take a look. The antiquity sims are wonderful and they also has an exciting newspaper, The Antiquity Times  “Visit the Antiquity Times, the newspaper of the realms of Antiquity, for the most current information about shops and homes available to rent, as well as news about doings in and around our seventeen sims“Its a good start if you want to try out roleplay. It has an event calendar and you can apply for jobs.

Click the sign in the port - Antiquity battle dock (link in text above)

They shouted at me there was a sailing class and i got a TP but it turned out to be a gunner class!

“Monday is a School Day!!
Come to Sail and Gunner Class at 11am Port Royal Dock.
Free for All will follow.
Private lessons are also available.”

They always need more gunners i heard. I guess they get wasted quickly … “O_O”

The teacher was Betty Radmussen, a sweet looking woman in a blue dress. I got a HUD and some instructions a shore and then I just had to board the ship….

Betty Radmussen: ok Mera click a red button to shoot the cannon

Betty Radmussen: Always check with your Captain for which guns he want you to shoot.

Betty Radmussen: shouts: ok SHOOT EM!

TSS Tortugan** Tigress**: been Hit Captain

TSS Tortugan** Tigress**: AHRRRRRRRRG… We run a ground!

Betty Radmussen: never shoot a ship with sail down

Mera: i suck big time at this!

But im afraid i will participate today again “O_O” The place is so beautyful, especially some places has wonderful windlight settings that are so fitting.


3 Comments to “Never shoot a ship with sail down – – #Second Life”

  1. Arrrgh! Yes, my piratical experience says either blow them out of the water with regular shot, sweep their decks with grape shot, or try to disable the sails with chain shot and move in for deck-to-deck action; that way, you can still salvage the ship and you don’t lose any booty by sinking her before you can transfer cargo!

  2. Arrr… you sank my battleship!

  3. @Captain Miso! When can I board your ship? I need a trustworthy captain with your awesome know how. We could hunt down some meeroos for breakfast? :) <3
    @Boudica; Couldnt be me! I never hit anyone :O)

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