Sail away #Second Life

Leanna and I was out sailing the other day. I tested a boat I got from Okwa (thanks!) But suddenly we were sinking!  When I swam a shore I saw this appropriate sign:

If you still wants to try out sailing in Second Life after reading this blog post you can find more information here: Sailing in Second Life


6 Comments to “Sail away #Second Life”

  1. It’s been all the Christmas goodies :( I’m sorry I made the boat sink *hangs head*

  2. Hihi, to sink and/or crasch during sailing is completely natural…..PISL you know;)

    *possible in SL*

    hugs Gittrika

  3. LOL I had to laugh at that sign! Many is the time I went sailing half the night with Captain Callidus, only to end up somewhere we had no idea. Can we get those signs for RL?

  4. @Leanna; you could never sink a boat, fairy as you are, light as a feather <3 =)
    @Gittrika; PISL is a good expression and im happy we did it in SL and not RL
    @Miso; I wish too! Im always lost :))

    Christmas hugsss!!! :)

  5. Sailing in SL is so much better than this… There are a handfull of boats in SL that provide a pretty good, realistic sailing experiences including balance, trapez, trim, capsizing, windshifts, compass, windvane, gusts and local wind and current variations. Maybe that’s too advanced for landlubbers but experienced RL sailors will love that.
    Cheers and happy sailing

    • Thanks a lot Noodle for your comment!! God im impressed, that sounds complicated. As im no sailor irl Im not that skilled im afraid. I need a lot more practise and a new boat :O)

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