Facepalms moments in Second Life

Leanna read this story in a group chat in Second Life and I have to share! This is a typical SL situation that is (NPIRL thank god!). *Bless* i so feel for the poor man. I guess he had to move :)

“My friend as a noob moved into a community, hoping to meet neighbours and have a social life…but everyone was in a different time zone, so he never saw anyone on the sim. So one night he sees on the minimap that his neighbours are home! So he cams over, and realises they are making love…

Before he can hit escape, he realises that there is some one else in the room, tied to a rack…and that that person looks a lot like him…and then he realised it *was* him, and he’d somehow accidentally sat on the rack…He stared at them, they started at him, and then he logged out in total embarrassment. ^^”


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6 Comments to “Facepalms moments in Second Life”

  1. Hmm… Have been in a situation very very close to this in RL in fact, way back in time…

    I lived in student’s home, rooms in a corridore and shared kitchen, and stayed for the greater part of the summer. So did the guy nextdoor. We had a standing agreement that is one us did not open when we knocked it was Ok to enter if it was unlocked.

    So one friday, early evening, I knocked and no-one answered. So, I opened the door and walked in on him and, apparently, his girlfriend nude in full action…

    Was a rather long 2 tenths of a second it took me to mumble a “Sorry,….” and go out again.

    So the story in the post is not TOTALLY NPIRL.. ;)

  2. the technology exists now in SL to prevent this sort of thing. you can be invisible to anyone outside your parcel. so no one to blame but themselves.

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