Came for the fun, stayed for…?

Came for the fun, stayed for the imagination, wonder, and magic. Hard to believe its been seven years. The next seven years figure to be much more interesting than the first“.
Wonderfully expressed! I read this profile by chanse the other day. He was old in SL, rezzday 2004….  I liked it and it gave me a lot of hope for the future and good feelings. What do you think?

NPIRL - Not Possible Irl

Sven Idyll was profound in his blog (swedish) the other day. About crimes in virtual worlds and why we are here. Are we running away? I´m sure there are thousands of different reasons why we are here. And if we want to run away and didnt have second life, we would find another way to run. Second Life is not the problem, but its easier to blame it on SL maybee ;)

I would like to think I am here and stays here of the same reasons as Brian does. It feels like that anyway and I share his hopes for the next years to come :)

Btw Brian has a business and rents parcels and houses, beautyful and low price places from 400 LD/week here:

Dream away and relax


2 Comments to “Came for the fun, stayed for…?”

  1. Is it running away to spend hours with brush and canvas? Was it running away to delve deeply into the first net code, before the web? I remember hearing those things too. I think it’s less running away that staring into a television and believing everything it tells you or using it as a drug to escape living. *shrug* Your Mileage May Vary, as they say ;)

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