The cutest Lucia in Virtual worlds!

It was Miso Susanowa, Lucia in Midsomer County, inWorldz <3 We had great fun though Apmel said in his blog the jokes was below the belt most of the time. What does he mean? Jokes?

– Leanna Caerndow: Orgy?
– Cinnabar Lapis: .com ??
– Lady Sakai: Orgy?.. now?… but but this is mature O__O
– Leanna Caerndow: weee :D

Leanna, owner of Midsomer County, arranged the awesome party

Lady Sakai was awesome DJ playing scandinavian christmas tunes

I was drinkin mulled wine (as usual… ;)

But as always, its the guests who makes the party! Thanks for coming sweeties! Pictures:

Grid monkey Jim Tarber (throw some bananas at the man next time you see him!)

Patron of art sims, Jeri Rahja

From Finland, Irbis Cliassi

Artist from Finland, ArtWolf Eternal

Okwa, pirate fox from Finland

Cinnabar, not freezing in the snow :)

Anna Loom in a wonderful snowy dress!

Apmel from Swedish Second Life was eager to see our Lucia

Boudica beautyful snow queen and a bit stressed out grid jumper friend, tc! :)

Koda, designer and shop owner in Midsomer

Sunny, old time mentor friend <3

Nattsurr, busy builder and swedish friend from 3 grids =)

There were a lot of ppl coming and going so Im sure I missed some and sorry for that! But I got a lot of you anyhoo ;) Huggs and thanks for coming and celebrating Lucia with us <3


12 Comments to “The cutest Lucia in Virtual worlds!”

  1. i recognized that miso. if i had known about this i would’ve come.

  2. IT’S A BAND! Ack!


    But the party was great, I was happy to see so many friends I haven’t seen in a while <3
    AND the most beautiful Lucia ever

  3. It was great fun to see you all… and dance some of the stress away. And of course gaze at the glowing and lovely Miso-Lucia! What wonderful pictures you took, Mera! Oh and I see now the skin that was showing for everyone else wasn’t the one I thought I was wearing… LOL.. at least this time my clothes were showing! Virtual worlds…. never know what you’re gonna get… but *ALWAYS* know for the best friends and best parties ever… go to Midsomer!

  4. Would have been there instead of toggling the sound-button dead in SL.. Was to two Lucia thingies and got no sound on neither one of them…

    BTW: watched Jamie Oliver on TV making a mulled wine that seemed to be a real killer in taste… Will find that recipe and go for it during the holidays :)

  5. I love Miso´s Lucia.. and thx all you guys for making an InWorldz noob feel welcome!

  6. Pooh Leanna!!
    Boudica hahah wrong skin? Still beautyful and it was so nice to see you! =)
    Erestor; yes that was a shame! We had music all evening. But there will be more events after new year im sure *hugggss*
    Apmel; always nice when you visit us :)

  7. OOOHHH… you guys had fun!.. Miso is cute :) and all others are lovely too.. Wish I was there.. but thanks for the pictures Mera :)

  8. @ Bou, yea deff wrong skin … it wasnt one of mine ;)

    Kudos to Leanna for comming up with this idea for a party.

    @ Apmel; your an IW noob? who would have known O.o Well now you got your cherry popped you should come spend some more time with us :)

  9. Wow Mera you really were snapping pics! It was a wonderful time, and I didn’t even light my hair on fire, yay! Leanna’s beautiful Lucia crown was the … “crowning touch” eh heh heh ^_^ A grand time with lovely friends!

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