Second life viewer updated – in Danish

I just got my automatic viewer update from Second Life. Just this time I got it back in danish. omg! Didnt understand a word (sorry Lady Sakai :O) So I had to uninstall it and download it again! Jesse …. #FAIL



6 Comments to “Second life viewer updated – in Danish”

  1. no appology needed. I dont use the danish version either. I remember when they first started this and I got the update I almost paniced.
    Personally I find it very very irritating that they do this automaticly. Sure there should be the choice but standard should be english IMO

  2. It has been several crashes after the latest update this morning. But I got the swedish update :)

    • Vanadis; Swedish! You must be V.I.P =) I had no crash after installing and I was online building for 1 hour about. TP was ok too. But short test so we´ll se how it goes :)

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