They who needs you most

Dont forget the ones who needs you most. I spent almost all sunday at this place, the biggest dogshow in Sweden. The hall was filled with spolied and well groomed poochies. And I was shopping for my own spoiled poochies too of course. Christmas presents, chewing bones and such.

But there are a lot of not so fortunate dogs and other pets on this planet. Think about them this christmas. Not many does maybee. Can you contribute? They have no relatives and no mother who cares for them anymore. Like our children, they are in our hands. They cant defend themselves, feed themselves or go for a walk alone if needed. They need you to to this for them.

Pic from ASPCA six ways to help animals

If you have a dog of your own, please spend some more time with him and forget about virtual worlds for a while. Your dog is more important and a dog needs at least 2 hours walk every day to be healthy, physically and mentally. Dont deprive him of that cos of virtual worlds or anything else….Give him more of your time and a happier Christmas and a happy new year :)

Even my virtual dog Lexus needs a lot of love this christmas :)


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