Midsomer County has a new owner! #inworldz

I actually cant believe that my “old” sim, Midsomer County, still exists in inWorldz. A sim I created and believed in. My goal was to create a warm and welcoming sim with a lot of hangout space where all was welcome. A glowing community and a sim where people would feel at home. The sim is a mix between a Swedish and an English village with a magic touch. As the sim still exists though I quit as owner is feeling like a miracle. Most sims that gets abandoned by its owner just disappears. Not Midsomer. I get tears in my eyes of thankfulness that Lady Sakai and Leanna believed in my sim and wanted to run it when I decided to leave due to RL reasons.

Now the next step is that Leanna takes over the sim, a step from earlier being EM. She rents it from Lady Sakai so all business will go through Leanna from now. Leanna is from GB irl but speaks nordic languages quite fluently as she has studied them as a subject in University. She is the most clever and lovely lady you can think of. I met her first time in late november 2010 in Midsomer County and I liked her immediately. Since that day she has been one of my absolutely closest friends and I trust her with my heart and soul.

Leanna is a fairy so she has done magic with Midsomer. Come and see for yourself =) If you are lucky you can grab a parcel too. The prices are amongst the lowest inWorldz due to the fact that Midsomer County is a community first and foremost and therefor is not calculated to give any profits to its owners. We have created Midsomer County for the pleasure of its renters and visitors. If you appreciate the sim and enjoys hanging out there, its more than enough reward for us.

Of course I still has a parcel at Midsomer :)



3 Comments to “Midsomer County has a new owner! #inworldz”

  1. Ack and meh!
    I actually blushes.
    Thank you Mera, it’s an honour to have you as a friend *big hugs*

  2. yeee congratulations on your promotion, Leanna! I couldn’y ask for a nicer landlord! ess. Landlordess.

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