Not premium? No gift? I have a solution

Linden Lab has treated all premium members with a beautyful sailingboat as a gift. If you are so unlucky you are not a premium I have the solution; the Littel Paddlesteamer! I got it from Okwa (thanks!) and it says; careful with the forward key :D

I wasnt. Me and Sven decided to try out the boat and I didnt read that carefully so off we went. In 100 km per hour over the sims “O_O” Panic! Lucky we both had high end computers so we lasted quite a while before crash but it was almost impossible to steer the boat when flying forward in this speed :P So if you want adventures ask me and Ill send u a copy of this awesome steam boat! This is perfect if you are tired of someone and wants to crash in an innocent way…. take them on a boat trip.

I just got this awesome idea, i think im going to try to find a gift for all no premiums everytime LL publish their own premium gift. Just for fun! I can fix some furnitures if you like. Last months gift  :P

Me myself I think Ill use the LL sailingboat next time ;)

TGIF!! <3


2 Comments to “Not premium? No gift? I have a solution”

  1. There´s a lot of free saiingboats to find in SL a lot better then that one

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