Why would you ride a horse naked?

Yes why would you?

I found this blog today via a link in Twitter from Ariana Monaron (thanks!). The blog, Second Life in Pictures, ask questions about fashion, sex, and what happens when you minimize the SL window? First I didnt know what to think of it, i was both horrified and faschinated. The blog is quite different from the normal blog. It just shows pictures and ask a short question about it. Anyway I ended up liking it a lot. Its actually great fun and has tons of humour! It shows SL in a way that is sort of “bless their white socks” thingie. Like horrible, embarrassing and cute at the same time if you get what i mean :)) But beware, some pictures are “adult” so you will look at it at your own risk :]


4 Comments to “Why would you ride a horse naked?”

  1. Thanks for the blog review, you understood exactly what it is about :-)

  2. he misunderstood the concept of bareback riding?

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