An exciting new resident in Midsomer County inWorldz

Miso Susanowa has opened a shop in Midsomer County, inWorldz! And her wonderful christmas decorations are to be seen in the Christmas market. As this Candy Tree Music Box below.

Miso is a well known artist from Second Life and inWorldz. You can look at some of her art at her Flickr album. She has a blog: My so called virtual life and she makes art installations like this one:

State of Mind, a Miso Susanowa installation: “Propaganda seen by one of the best artists in Second Life Miso Susanowa. She uses her greak skills for building, her humour, often black, and her analyse about politics of information.”

You can also follow Miso on Twitter, link:
“To be an artist is to be exposed; open – good or bad; right or wrong; the human experience on view; no safety net.”

So dont miss the christmas market at midsomer, there is a lot of very nice decorations to shop for and also some freebies. After that you can take a walk around the sim, have a coffee at the new cafee and enjoy the beautyful surroundings. And dont forget to take a look at Misos new shop next to ArtWolfs art gallery in the small village. Warm welcome!


3 Comments to “An exciting new resident in Midsomer County inWorldz”

  1. ty Mera, and Leanna too; I am very happy to be in Midsomer! Leanna has done a wonderful job winterizing the sim and it’s very beautiful :)

  2. Oh yay! I can’t wait to come see the Christmas at Midsomer! As soon as I can come up for air.. been working hard! *hugs all around*

  3. Im so grateful Midsomer still remains on the grid <3

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