Second Life and Linden Realms

The feeling in Realms is quite different from the rest of Second Life. I have played it some days now and i think it works, for me anyhoo. Im still in Second Life but I have added stuff to occupy myself with when i need to relax. Its like irl, you can choose from different things to do when u have free time. Like reading a book, look at TV, play a game etc. With these games LL has added extra value in my virtual life.

The game is not difficult to play. Anyone can do it. If you are a sucker at reading maps you can use the road signs, you´ll find them everywhere.

The monsters looks cute, in a distance. When you come too close they change appearance and if you stand still like this… Second Life: You have been teleported by the object ‘Rock Monster’ on the parcel ‘Whisper Hollow’.  bye bye baby ;)

When u “die” you are teleported to the nearest safe place to reappear again in full condition :) This sunday I got this message; Tyrah: I really appreciate your help today.  Im sure I’ll have more to do for you soon… so keep visiting my workshop, to check in! This seemed to be a message to me I had played for too long =O So i couldnt go on that day but ill wait impatiently for the next assignment :)

These sims has a playful design and colours that makes me happy. I hope this game will evolve and there are going to be more of them, different kinds of games. I hope this will give Second Life and other virtual worlds more PR —-> more costumers and thereby increased development.

I realise this game doesnt suite everyone but no one is forced to play it either. I have seen some negative comments from conservative ppl in swedish SL but actually there is no need to bitch about this. If this succeeds it will benefit SL and all of us, regardless if we play realms or not.

Linden Realms FAQ

You can also join the group “Linden Realms” inworld to get some online help (unofficial)


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3 Responses to “Second Life and Linden Realms”

  1. It seems to be something new, new things and they will also offer new tools.


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