Sloshed in the posh lounge

Before anyone else publish this picture I will do it! Ok Leanna and me have been inWorldz for quite a while now and may not be as sophisticated as the ordinary Second Life user is. But… why then fill us up like this?? Dont u understand its not that easy for 2 country gals in da big city? Treat us with milk next time pleeeazee! U can see Pam and Okwa looking horrified at us. How embarrassing in this posh surrounding! And my outfit…. (But Leanna was worst as usual as u can see, im at least standing (almost) on my feet still ;)

Place Antiquity Britannica in Second Life, an awesome RP sim for pirates and soldiers. Go see Antiquity Finlanda too as u are in the area. Its a wonderful finnish sim in old style.


3 Comments to “Sloshed in the posh lounge”

  1. Pretty decent photoshop job!

  2. On another note, I like how Okwa looks down “What now?!”

  3. Exactly! so what is he looking at if it not were for real? I suck big time at psp i could never do a thing like that :->

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