Slim and rich?

I saw someone wish this the other day so I realised Its high time to talk to Santa. What do you wish for yourself? Do you think you will get what you want this year? Do you give away christmas presents in Virtual worlds? Is the pressure as high here as irl? And christmas cards… not many days left now and the clock is ticking… mwahahha! ;)  Take care <3


6 Comments to “Slim and rich?”

  1. I want a bigger brain and a “smaller mouth” – Please don´t mix up them like you did last year …

  2. Ahahaha same as Sven *eyedart*

  3. I want… my friends to find all the successes their hearts desire!


  4. @Sven, Leanna I dont dare wish anything, it seems to be a lot of mix up here. I was going to wish for hot sex and cold beer but now I dont know… our Santa seems a bit confused ;)

    @Boudica; your choise seems safe enough and wonderful as u always are <3

  5. I second Bou.. Wish that you get YOUR wishes..grins.

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