Eaten by monsters, burned by fire

I entered the portal to the new realms game in Second Life today at HelFell InfoHUB. I got totally caught up in the game. I got a bit of Entropia feeling about it. It was totally different from the usual SL in a good way. AND exciting, i though anyhoo as the kid i am :)

“[13:35] Shimmering Rift: Are you coming to help me Mera Kranfel?  I’ll summon you… just hang on to something, this might be rough. —

You burned in the outer layers of an expanding star!”

I didnt take more than 1 pic cos I was totally involved in the game but you can read and see more pics here:

Embark on a quest in Linden Realms

I got there together with my hero on a white horse, Sven Idyll. But he got chewed by a monster and had to go to the hospital. Read more here (in Swedish): Sven Idyll in Realms

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