No cheap lady

No im not talking about my looks this time, I know what u are thinkin´anyhoo ;) No its that Mera “cost” a lot in ARC, avatar rendering cost when i looked at it last time. Especially now when they change how they count. Im a bit obsessed with looking how much arc I have. Especially when i change hair, ears or tail as i did the other day, I have to check it. Its important isnt it Leanna? :P The ARC sky rocketed! Or didnt it? Sven heldped me find some links about it. With this new viewer they calculate it differently so no need to faint, read on:

Revisiting render cost

SL Mesh group update

Still i cant figure out if my figures are “high” or “low” the text is red but i know i have a low arc hair. Math was never my cup o´tea…


2 Comments to “No cheap lady”

  1. Forget the math.

    Put on an outfit you know is low ARC. Use that number as your reference point. Lots of things are changing in the viewers. ARC value display is a low priority for most and certainly for the Lindens. So, it may be a while before the feature gets fixed.

  2. @Nalates; Thanks for your comment! good idea, as long as they didnt change something so its high arc now though it had low before? But ill do that, tis the easiest way anyhoo =)

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