My landlord has yummie legs

Last week a lot of things happened in OsGrid. I got a new neighbour! You see the new red house across the ice. Yay!!! The snow fell and there was ice on the water! Skating!

As i only had a small shelter it felt cold so I imported my old small swedish cabin. My first built house in SL and also present in inWorldz at the sim Midsomer county nowadays <3 I also imported some furnitures i created.

There is a bug atm when importing stuff so some parts are flying away 100 m or so but i got it together at last :O)

In the middle of furnishing my landlord Sven, Skrollan, Gazzan and Kandi came by!

Kandinsky and Gazania

We had a great time. As I always says, it doesnt matter where we meet as long as we meet :)


Eventually my landlord tried to leave. I had forgot to tell him, my dog allows ppl to enter but he dont allow them to leave……And u see on pic 3 above what he is used to eat ;) Take care now and beware of the dog….


3 Comments to “My landlord has yummie legs”

  1. Your dog is dangerous … I will take my wolf with me next time I visit you!

  2. How do you train your dog to retrieve men?
    You can get rich on teaching that trick! :)

    • @Sven; Naah he is just wanted to cuddle you! :P

      @Vanadis; Yea I might,,, the problem is he is not that picky, he goes for everything that moves. He needs to go to puppeh school… The VKC dogs in SL is more reliable as old Lexus. But this is OsGrid where anything can happen and more… ;)

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