One world is not enough

Mera in OsGrid and in Second Life at the same time

Curiosity killed the cat. The other day I was totally stressed out when I had to be logged in both OsGrid (i needed to see when Sven rezzed the ice on our sim!), updating my server and watching a horse race with good friends in SL;

– brae: you can join this mera
– Mera: Death race?
– brae: yes
– Mera: im not sure :O)
– brae: try , its fun
– Mera: im running between here and updating my osgrid sim
– brae: ok , see how this works
– okwa shouts: come racing Vesper

– okwa shouts: sit chariot
– okwa shouts: it give horseses fer ye
– Mera: back
– Mera shouts: I cant race i am in osgrid with the same computer! LOL

Well my OsGrid sim got updated at last to version: OSgrid 0.7.3 (Dev) ff36a1b: 2011-11-14 but i will have to try that horse race next time ;)

Okwa on spotted horse, Mera and Irbis as audience

Happy monday!


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