Advent 1st

I wish you all a happy 1st advent! This candlestick is standing in my house in OsGrid. I imported it from inWorldz but I will not use it in SL cos its a bit too primmy ;)

Just tell me if you want a candlestick and I send u one for free.

Open Sweden in OsGrid has snow and ice thanks to Sven Idyll

My own sim in OsGrid has no snow texture but the person who uses half of it has created a winter paradise around the house with sculptie snow.

I used sculptie snow on my parcel in SL too as I live on mainland.

But my parcel inWorldz is covered with “real” snow as Midsomer County is a true scandinavian sim. Leanna u are taking so good care of my baby <3

DS. This offer with the candlestick does not apply in the RL grid! More about the traumatic RL grid here: Botgirls Identity Circus (the comments cracks me up :))


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