Who protects your house?

In real life I have my dogs, they are very protective. And in Second Life I have my VKC dog Lexus, although he is more welcoming than threatening =)) But VKC dogs can protect you if you wish, they can work like an orb. Orb and banlines are common in SL and I hate them. They disturb my sailing and flying. Get a skybox damn it! So what is the option? ArtWolf has a “Kitsune”:

– ArtWolf Eternal: this kitsune fox protects the house
– Mera: oh nice he looks humble
– ArtWolf Eternal: yes
– ArtWolf Eternal: they very intresting creatures kitsune
– ArtWolf Eternal: kitsune , search in google
– ArtWolf Eternal: there alot folklore
– ArtWolf Eternal: but this is an Inari kitsune
– ArtWolf Eternal: they can look humble
– ArtWolf Eternal: but they can be horrible spirits to bad peoples
– Mera: I have a kitsune irl. My precious dog watching over me
– ArtWolf Eternal: lol
– Mera: he can also be horrible to bad ppl =))
– ArtWolf Eternal: he looks a little like that

Get your own Kitsune in SL for protection;

SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Milky%20House/185/13/23


Read on; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inari_Okami


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