Why am I here, why are You here?

It began several years ago when I was sitting lazy watching an episode of CSI. The blue teddybear showed up and I woke up from the sofa slumber. I got extremely interested. A new world. A world where I could be a flying blue teddybear or bunneh. I threw myself on the computer but Second Life was overloaded due to this TV show so It didnt work. I forgot about it for a while but then i got sick, was home bored and remembered the CSI episode. It was in october 2008. This time no one stopped me =)

I guess my reason is that im childish, curious and like to play around. What is your reason? Im sure there are zillions of reasons why people log in to a virtual world. Is it right to push them all together as one as Philip does? Is there any statistics who we are here in these worlds? I dont think so, i think people only guess and try to sound like they know what they talk about.

I think its dangerous to try to push all users togethers like cheeps and claim they are this or that. Linden should make a survey to analyze who the user is, why they stay or leave. Before this is done they are just guessing. And my own analyze is more for fun ;)

And no, I dont fit in to Philips simplification as Im not that smart, I dont live in a rural area (I live in a city) im not handicapped in any way, I dont look for companionship either and a lot of my friends dont either. So what´s our “problem”? Why are we here? =)) Of course if we over analyze ourselves, every human being fits in his explanation one way or another…

I have done a micro research and found some similarities between me and some of my friends. We have been reading the same books, like Ray Bradbury, Isac Asimov and other SCI FI and fantasy authors for example. Where do Philip place us in his world? There are a lot of us I suspect. We are not interested in adult thingies, even though we might have a relation if it so happens. But that is not our main reason to be here.

Im sure we group ourselves here after a while when we meet people that are alike us. And we realizes that some old friends was no friends, just aquaitances cos we were to different. Birds of a feather stay together… And no reason is better than another. Today I have found new true friends that are more like me, but it took a while. I hope you will too, dont give up, its worth it <3


4 Comments to “Why am I here, why are You here?”

  1. When I joined SL in 2007 I was working in a high-powered in corporate real-estate for a large bank and had lived in cities all my life. I hated cities. It wasn’t until a few years later I had the opportunity to move to the country, and I hope I never have to go back to living in the cess-pool of a city if I can help it. It’s ridiculous for Philip to make such massive blanket statements that SL customers fall into such narrow-minded categories. People do this when they’ve crafted a story or concept in their head that they want to defend. He probably suffers from some kind of guilty superiority complex I suspect.

    What attracted me to Second Life was when I read a story about Anshe Chung in Entrepreneur magazine. I was like.. wow! There’s a whole new world out there… and me having an entrepreneurial streak a mile wide, as well as having an insatiable “explorer” gene… I had to go check it out! I’ve been in SL ever since, thoroughly enjoying it and expanding my limited “city mentality” horizons. Thank god for evolution, digital or otherwise!

    When I hear people say, “SL, isn’t that just for sex and gambling” I have to just laugh. I suppose it would be for them, if all they think about in the REAL world is sex and gambling. I’ve never been into either, never gambled once in SL (back when they could) and never even been to Zindra (Is that what it is called, it’s fallen off my mental radar). You see, a virtual world, just like a real world, is exactly what YOU make of it, and it is exactly what YOU perceive it to be. If you don’t like a virtual world, you actually have the ability to change it. Just like you can in real life. Only in a virtual world, you can change things a LOT faster. I think of it as a kind of virtual classroom for really learning how to live better. Huh, wonder if that’s why it was called “Second Life” in the first place. They may have lost track of what it was all about when the dream was born. Millions of their residents have *not* lost track, but if the people of SL no longer are in touch with the true vision of what can make that place great, there is not much of a chance that their new “residents” will catch the spark, and stick around long enough to evolve. Some will… by sheer luck or otherwise, discover something wonderful and compelling to stay. If they want higher concurrency, if they want a higher percentage of people that come in, look around, and *stay*, perhaps they need to get back in touch with the immense value that their world provides, get back in touch with the dream, and build upon that again.

    What I discovered about myself that I like to express is my creativity and love of fashion, and exploring beautiful places, meeting new friends and admiring the talent and skill and inner artists that it took to create them. I revel in the leaps and bounds as far as quality in hair, and skins, and clothing, oh my gosh do you guys remember how horrid the hair and shoes were back in 2007… and this skins?! Just think of how many man-hours it has taken us, a very large very devoted group of people, working to improve on our crafts, graphic design, 3d sculpting. SL has opened up untold realms and avenues of expression for people that might never in their “normal” city lives have even thought to explore, and learn about themselves and others. I know it has set me on a path that has improved my quality of life. Instead of working in a mad rat race grind of 8-5 through rush hour traffic and horrible to the human spirit working conditions, I have developed my skills to the point where I am able to work from home, tend a massive and beautiful garden, leave a peaceful country life having the time to do he things with friends and family that really matter most to me. I would call that a success story *smile* and it’s only just beginning.

    In SL there is a huge variety of people from all walks of life, and the diversity you will find there from people all over the world is just mind-blowing. I’m thankful to count myself one of them.

    Well, Mera, I seem to have written a novel sized comment…. sorry for hijacking your post, but thanks for letting me anyway *smile*

    Boudica Destiny

    • Boudica; you didnt hijack it!! Thanks a lot for your comment, im grateful you took your time! *huggsss* and im so happy for you and you are an inspiration for us all. You are a wonderful and talented person and your poem in the other posting (snow in MIdsomer) made tears come to my eyes <3

      I want the same u have. I live in a city and I hate it with a passion! I will move!!! *stomps foot* xxxxxxxxxxx

      • *Hugs you Mera!* I’m so glad you liked that poem… it was written from the heart. And I know you would live in the country if you could.. That’s why you made Midsomer in the first place, and it shows! You created in a virtual world, exactly what you would want in a real world. A peaceful, idyllic Scandinavian village with such a wonderful community! I have no doubts you’ll find your way out of the city in a way that will work perfectly for you and your family… and your dogs! And I’ll be cheering for you!

  2. and whoa I have a lot of typos in that post.. I must not be one of the “smart” ones either. LOL!

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