The Wash goes Magic

The wash is one of my favourite shopping areas in Second Life. The other day I went there and I didnt almost recognize myself. Use local windlight settings for optimal experience.

The wash is sort of a 50s century area with shops like Hell Bops who has wonderful 50s creations.

They have sort of a market event until nov 22 so hurry! Awesome stuff, freebies and low prices! I found amazing stockings for 10 LD for example and a lot more.

Gents are not discriminated here! Look at this awesome prim beard! wooaaa secksee!

And I have to mention this smexy beachbum outfit! *faints* :]

There are a lot of really odd shops in the Wash so you will not get bored. And if  you get tired of shops they have a horrible amuzement park close to the city street…. Enjoy! xoxo

SLURL The Wash:


2 Comments to “The Wash goes Magic”

  1. wow! awesome creative builds! man, i feel like a dweeb! this images are so rich with content! dang!

    (thanks for posting these, my awesome and wonderful Swedish meatball!) =)

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