The snow has come to Midsomer….

… suddenly it feels cold. And you know what, it just makes me depressed… even though its so beautyful it hurts. One year ago things were completely different this time of year. But we cant turn back the clock can we. Tick tock tick tock…..

Still if you are a less depressed person than me, you can still find one or two wonderful amazing parcels to rent for a very low price in Midsomer. Come and celebrate Christmas the Scandinavian way with us! First to harvest…… (Log in to inWorldz and find Midsomer County on the map)


10 Comments to “The snow has come to Midsomer….”

  1. :( winter doesn’t have to be depressive. There’s always friends with a cup of hit chocolate and a warming hug :)

  2. White as Mera´s soul! I can see some snow at Open Sweden to. Santa has put snowshoes on his reindeers, but I do not know why when i suppose they can fly?

  3. Leanna: I know, huggsss!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Sven; I just saw it! Beautyful! And now there are some snowy trees too! I hope they stay put. In inWorldz the default SL trees goes away when the sim restarts it seem =( And i might have to mend my shelter or build a new cabin in OsGrid – freezing!

  4. Smoochies Mera.. we are always there to warm your heart .. Squishies.. :)

  5. First snow glistens like brilliant crystal
    A blanket tucked ’round Autumn’s sleeping child.

    Branches clatter and dance in the wind
    Gold leaves long fallen to the ground.

    Crunch of snowboots outside on the stair
    Come inside, get warm, grab a cup of cheer!

    No more are the days of summer lounging.
    And dancing on the meadow lawn.

    We gather instead by the warm fire’s glow.
    Tell stories and laugh and then dance in the snow!

    The flowers have faded their petals away.
    But we know they will come another day.

    If I were a spring maid I’d dress up my hair
    With ribbons and flowers, my eyes shining clear.

    But now I am Winter, and my thoughts turn inside.
    My innermost secrets, no longer can hide.

    There’s something about winter that is more than a chill.
    For the long nights of shadows can be more than real.

    But the feast and festivities, the halls decked with green.
    Give hope that the long winter will soon end with spring.

    Fear not, my dear Mera, it won’t be too long.
    We’ll help it go faster with dance and with song!

    My rhyming it lacks just one simple truth…
    The best thing about winter.. is sharing with YOU!

    Boudi the rhyming fool

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