Your friends is what matters, not the grid

This saturday morning started really good with drinking coffee at my place in SL with Leanna and Boudica. We talked about friendship and reminded us of what we said several months ago when we were worried about inWorldz and what may become of it and the threat from Avination and other grids.

At that time we established it doesnt really matter wich grid “wins”. To stay together as friends is what is important and we can meet in any grid. We can reach over grid borders via Twitter for example and decide where to meet. Friends sticks together no matter what. I love you dear friends and that includes a lot of people on several other grids too <3

Jeri, Artwolf, Mera and Leanna

I need to remind you of the Art Festival inWorldz also. The other day I met Artwolf, Leanna, Jeri and some other friends at the festival. Vickie Day was DJ and it was great fun. The festival goes on until 22 of november so its not too late to visit.

Thanks Jeri and quadrapop Tree arranger of this awesome festival!  And the founders who sponsors it. The rest of the festival team: Building- Alizarin Goldflake, Graphics – Miso Susanowa, PR – Nazz Lane, Scripting – Zauber Paracelsus  u are all fab <3

More information here:

Now I need to prepare for the snow season. It starts to feel cold. I have rezzed a Yaga house on my parcel inWorldz from Bebe Mahogany and I have to find out what to make of my parcel in SL. Poor Lexus will freeze otherwise! In OsGrid I will need to fix my parcel at Svens sim but my own sim is tropical so I guess there will be no snow on that one. Maybee a good thing, Im pretty sure I will be needing a summer cabin soon to get away from all snow…


2 Comments to “Your friends is what matters, not the grid”

  1. Love you too dear friend!!! I had a great time chatting with you and Leanna, as always! *hugs!*

    Bou <3

  2. *hugs* It’s always great to hang out and chat with great friends <3

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