An early christmas gift for Linden Lab

I have been in Second Life for some years now (3) and I have noticed some different groupings emerge. Philip and LL want to simplify it a bit too much so we need to help them understand their costumers better. This is my analyzing of groupings in SL, totally subjective. Who are we who are, according to Linden Lab and Philip, “escaping”?:

The uncanny real life group
“I want a new life and a perfect life this time! I want to be beautyful and have a dream wedding or whatever. My real life sucks!” These people are capable of climbing over dead avies to achieve their goal. Changes partner often because they realise their partner is not as perfect as they deserve. Second Life is their first life.

The fantasy group
Wants to live in a fairytale, has a lot of imagination and easily loses themselves in these tempting worlds. Changes avie often, they can be fairies, furries, nekos, wrong sex or whatever. They  role plays a lot and scares the shit out of The Uncanny Real Life Group who hates them.

The sex and relation group
More cheap sex! More adult poseballs! I need to feel loved by somebody all the time! This group often need to have a partner all the time and some of them changes partner often. Some of them have no steady partner at all. They often has no other real interests besides sex and relations. They mix rather well with The Uncanny Real Life group and the drama group.

The drama group
“I need to ventilate and i feel bad so i want other people to feel as bad as I do. I start flame wars as often as possible. Some people call me dramaqueen but I always say I hate drama”. This group often have a blog also to be sure everyone get the message. Or they comment a lot in other blogs, sometimes as “anonymous”. They infiltrates any group that can give them fuel to their drama.

The Education group
Wants to educate people using a virtual environment. Boring group but politically correct. They dont mix with any other group but maybee creators if they want help with building stuff.

The fashionistas
They love to spend money! New clothes, new hair and new everything all the time. They often appears as clouds because they wear too many scripts and prims and their inventory never load. They love to blog about their latest findings. “Because Im worth it” is their mantra.

The party group
Goes to all parties they can find. Sometimes 2-3 parties same evening… Loves to dress up and uses a lot of gestures. “Hun” and “darling” are words you hear often in this group and they dont blog that often. If they blog its almost only party pictures. Mix well with the chat group and a lot of the other groups as well.

The doll house group
Creates the perfect home and garden. Spend all their time searching the grid for the latest coffee machine. They seldom blog. They love prims! If land becomes cheaper this group will expand or come back to Second Life if they moved maybee. Quite often you see a mix between fashionistas and The Doll house group.

The business group
Doing business making money 24/7. Landlords and likewise. They dont have time to either chat or shop but they contribute a lot to the economy. Boring chatters as they seldom answers.

Creates stuff and behave like gods. They blog to sell their stuff or just brag. But some of them are in fact nice.

Making awesome 3D art, paintings, music, singers, DJs and machinima makers. Artists and creators often mix quite well.

The farmville group
Loves animated cuddly animals. Disney go eat worms, these animals are sweeter than saccharin. They spend all their LD on animal food and stuff and are often shy and introvert. A Linden favourite.

The chat group
Just like to chat and socialize. Says “hi” as soon as you log in. Often before you even have logged in. This group often spend very little money and a lot of them are living on freebies.

The blog group
Are often quiet and boring on parties because they has to take notes and pictures of all participants. They dont answer IM because they are “blogging”.  Not online a lot cos the blog takes too much time. They often change avatar or even quit SL because they make themselves impossible due to their blogging. Everybody hates them but tries to hide it cos they dont wanna end up in their blogs.

The tech group
These people are mostly interested in the technique behind virtual worlds. They are logging in and out all the time cos they tries out new viewers and stuff. They has the same problems as fashionistas with being cloud cos of all their testing of new software and stuff. They often run a tech blog with very few readers because no one understand what they are writing about. They spend their money on hardware only and are highly intelligent.

The Twitter group
They are more in Twitter than online. They are too lazy to log in or have computers that sucks big time. They are similar to the chat group and often a mix.

The Event group (NEW!)
Arranging parties, hunts and charity events. Working hard and has huge friendslists so they also has a hard time to rezz sometimes. Uses a massive amount of social media to get PR and spam friends with event information all the time. They seldom get enough credit for this sorry to say. This group contributes a lot to the economy. The persons arranging the events often belongs to one of the other groups above, as their “main” group.

Of course most of us are a mix of these groups but surely you feel more connection to one of the groups. I know people from all these groups in SL and other virtual worlds… Which group do you belong to and wich groups did i forget? And can Philip and LL make us profitable enough? Wich group spends most money? And how can we increase the amount of money spent by each group? Thats a juicy bone to chew on Philip/LL :]


18 Responses to “An early christmas gift for Linden Lab”

  1. Interesting. I think myself, mainly, belongs to the tech group, combined with the blog group. Though there are elements from some others too:)

    I liked this blog!

  2. =^^= happily too confused to stick with one :)

  3. :) KittyCats Addict but shhhh…secret !

  4. Hmm. I cant seem to place Which one would be me?

  5. I never felt that everybody hated me just because I blog a lot..

    • I have felt it. Eg a wife – “Can you not do anything other than sitting at the computer and blogging? Help me with food instead.” If looks could kill then … :)

    • Apmel; there is often a mix between love and hate and a teaspoon of passive aggressiveness to go with that in our relations with heavy bloggers :P

  6. You missed one out – I have not idea what to call them but what about people who spend their time organizing events?

    • @Teal; I didnt really miss them, I thought about them but they seemed too few to get a group of their own. Maybee wrong decision? Its hard to draw a line who´s gonna have a group or not. Thanks for your input we should maybee add them! DONE! =)) xoxoxo

  7. Oh gosh I fit at least *half* of those! Should be a can’t make up their minds group :)


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