The gingerbread season

My neighbour is great fun. Last monday I looked in her direction and saw something i didnt recognized. And a smell… mmmm smelled like christmas! She had redecorated her place again! Last time I was here some day ago she had a dark church yard with ghosts and corps. Now she has started a gingerbread bisquit factory :P

This is whats so fun with even a small parcel. The possibilities to redecorate as often as you like. And a small parcel has the advantage that it is SMALL! Easier to clean up and redecorate again. She only has 1024 sqm but she makes the most of it =)

Cookies all over the place! Gingerbread cookies is a must in Sweden. I dont know how common they are in other countries but we eat them at leas 2-3 months every year regularly, nov-jan :) Recipe Gingerbread cookies

She had some coffee to go with the cookies too! yay! So here we go, christmas is here to stay for at least 2 months now, like it or not ;)


2 Comments to “The gingerbread season”

  1. Oh wow… YUM!! I’m coming over to your neighborhood to visit…..

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