The never ending drama

The Swedish Drama has now “upgraded” from being a national drama in SL to now being a International Drama when it finally ended up in SaveMe´s weblog. What an achievement, what a faux pas… #embarrassing. Read on in SaveMe Oh´s weblog

I have written about why I left Swedish SL in my old blog but I avoided certain details. I keep them to myself to not add to the drama…. I left more than 1.5 years ago and the same drama is still on. It evolves and thrives. It has been going on an on for years actually and im not sure if ppl remembers what the drama is about? #depressing

How is this possible? Why cant people move on? I was totally fed up with it when i left for inworldz eventually. Now a lot of water has been floating under the bridges and Im back in SL, partly anyhoo. But I will not be back in Swedish SL until this drama is solved. I dont care who is “right” or “wrong” I just want it to end. Can we do that now pleeease instead of HURTING each other? Or if you dont like this posting let it add to the drama (dramaqueens: if you cant beat´em, join´em) i just say as I always say;

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