Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie

Kandi has a wonderful place on the island Solace SLurl Kandi Town. It looks innocent enough but behind the bourgeoisie middleclass windows hides less innocent discoveries..

There are a lot of nice places to rest ones leg (but dont look up…) There are some places to rent if you want an appartment. But the neighbours….

Some of them looks a bit sad (Rose Borshowski dolls) but as they are renting here I guess they must feel comfy enough(?)

Some wild animals are walking the streets so thats maybee why I didnt meet so many people.

Most of them were hiding in their houses obviously…….

I only met one Taxi driver. But he wasnt that talkative and seeemed to have some problem with his parking…

Try to remember, dont walk into houses without invite….. #saynomore So Vesper disappeared in that hell hole not to be seen again(?) Later on this Kranfel person came by to look for Vesper. She met the owner herself and her friend Apmel  and they had a nice chat. Vesper turned up much later with a tail and ears looking more like a wolf than a neko, and seemed not to remember what had happened…

Dont hesitate to visit this exciting place, and if you are lucky you might even meet Kandi and she can show you around.


3 Comments to “Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie”

  1. Great pics!

    But today I will start rearranging a little bit… because Sunday the 13th November my place will be part of the Imagine Peace feast and the artists need space.

    The fountain will disappear and trees will be moved temporarily.

    Still the place is open for any visitor. And don´t forget to come over on Sunday:

    12.00 SL-time: POL Arida, the great, original, Scottish singer/songwriter.
    1.00 SL-time: Drums, the fantastic group of merely female drumplayers with their show.

    Added to that will be art exhibited, by Trill Zapatero and Second Renoir.

    And Mera and Vesper…. something has occurred in the old houseboat since you visited…

  2. Kandi is worth all the praise for her decievingly beautiful parcel. I´m happy to be her neighbor and please tell everyone to come over on sunday :)

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