My favourite things…

Listen to this awesome tune while you read the post. I love this version! =)

What did I miss most from Second Life when I was inWorldz mostly? Some friends of course, no question about that. But my real friends I have been in touch with regularly when i moved to inWorldz anyway.

But there are some other things that are personal to me.You may think they are a bit strange but I will count some of them up here.

Sailing virtually into the sunset! This is so relaxing and sooths me even irl when im stressed out. Expecially when theres no wind…. ;) Sailing boat from Coldred Telling (big thanks!).

I missed my VKC dog Lexus. Not just because he is a lot of fun but also because he represented a dead dog friend irl for me. Its strange how much you can miss a pixel dog. As I have dogs irl, I dont really understand it… But I guess it was cos he was linked to a RL dog.

I missed mainland and all kontinents in SL. When i bought my first sim inWorldz I choosed a sim on mainland. But it was not the same as mainland in Second life. No criticism here, it was just different. I missed the infrastructure from SLs mainland in InWorldz. There are no roads or protected water between the sims inWorldz. Ok there has been no physics yet but still..

Although its a fact that crossing sim borders is a lot easier inWorldz than in SL

Some ppl says connected sims lags more and that might be the reason some grids avoid mainland/kontinents. I dont know. But I like it and I want it. My experience is that mainland doesnt lag more than standalones if you look at statistics.

I love to travel between sims, by car, boat or balloon or whatever. Especially together with nice friends.

Or participate in Snailrace to support Relay for life (supports cancer reserach). That is a way to find exciting places. Last time i got lost with my snail and started to explore instead. Thats how i found a nice home =)) Try it sometimes, im sure you will find it refreshing compared to just TP around.

Linden has a lot of cars, trains and such on the roads and protected water one can use to explore the continents. And dont be surpriced if you meet a tank while you are out driving… *why I love virtual worlds* =))

You can start your journey at Explorers Info Center at Zindra;  its one of my favourite places. You can see all continents and roads and take copies of the maps. (UPDATE: Sorry this place seems to be gone now)

I think one of the problems for new grids is to find something for visitors to do. Creators and simowners has always something to do. This is where physics and infrastructue comes in. And of course if there is enough hunts, music and art events etc.  Only stand alone sims can be boring if you are a visitor. It doesnt give me the same feeling as mainland anyhoo. If guests dont find anything to do, the grid may become a small niche world for creators only. But that may be good enough! Creators are also customers :)

I also miss the strange feeling of meeting a school bus when im out in my rowing boat…some Linden has really weird humour….


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