Feets up, head down

Friday night was just lost after Pirkka and ArtWolf drank me under the table at Irbis Cliassis grand opening in Second life at her place “The inlet of friendship” at the sim Halsey Estates. It started fairly soft with some music the DJ (Frosty? I dont remember his whole name) didnt show up but Irbis found a aweseome DJ instead. Thank god. Its nerwrecking when this kind of things happens in the last minute….

After that Prowess played some of her wonderful piano music. Then ArtWolf dragged me (yes of course against my will ;) to the drink table…. I thought, what the heck, its just pixels! And ended up under the table…. Before I ended up under that table i found some nice gifts in Irbis hunt. Thanks a lot friends for a wonderful evening!! Still headache, but it was worth it ;)


2 Comments to “Feets up, head down”

  1. lol! next time you go drinking let me know *grins*

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