Land of SleeperXxX

Dont continue to read this if you are too blonde like me. Otherwise this is a place you cant miss! This is the most intelligent hunt I have been to anyway. And it would have taken me some time to find the treasurse if it wasnt for my friend Kismet who guided me through the levels. She cant be as blonde as I, im sure of that! Its a haunted house with 5 floors and filled with horrible stuff. On each floor there is a treasure to find. The treasures are fab, well worth the struggle and dont forget to read the hints in each folder. They are beautyful as poems. First it feels impossible but when u find it you have to think  “how stupid can one be?” sort of :O)

This is an ideal hunt to bring your date or friends too. Its a lot more fun if you´r not alone i think but of course u can hunt alone too. Maybee its me who are clingy :]

SleeperXxX has created this house and she is an extremely clever person. You will notice that. This house is built on a platform but right under it she has a marvellous sim you can explore later. But dont miss this hunt! Good luck and stay alive!

The hunt takes place in Second Life, SLurl: Haunted house


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