Dont invent the wheel twice

When you are living in two or more grids its convenient to bring your stuff with you. With closed grid as inWorldz you cant do that without exporting and importing your stuff. But thats easy if you are the creator of all parts. The only thing is if you dont have the same textures in both grids the texture wont follow the house and you have to retexturize it. But all settings are imported with the house so its not like doing it from start again. But if it is your own textures you can import them too and name them the same. Then they might follow the house. Another option is Second inventory but thats a software and its not free.

I built this house in OsGrid and wanted to bring it to inWorldz (or vice versa). Log in with imprudence or another client that enables import/export. Start with Edit the item. Then choose Export in the File menu. Save it on your computer and name it. You will get an  XML file and some blank files for the saved textures.

Log out and open the same client and log into the next grid. Go to a sandbox or another place where you can rezz. Then choose Import object in the file menu.

The object will now build itself  in front of your eyes. Wait until the process is finished and then name the object. Now you only has to retexturize it if you lack of some textures in this grid. You will save energy this way when you are using grids you cant hypergrid in.

Happy exporting! =)


9 Comments to “Dont invent the wheel twice”

  1. I must be missing something… I got some trees of Kellie (website) and those had the textures and sculpt maps intact

  2. its like Bebe said on Twitter .. try the other export / Import setting… As I understand it (was told by Balpien on inworld chat) only SL has implemented blocks on sculpt maps and textures on things you export out of their grid. OS grids dont have this block so should be possible to export to your HD textures and all. If you check out Killes site and try to DL one of ther builds and then import it to say IW just remember to choose the setting “+Textures” the build should appear with the textures and aculpt maps if they are in the build as well.
    Im not sure if IW got the same restrictions re export as SL has Im still fairly new to this export / import stuff

    • @Lady; Great! I myself has exported most stuff from SL so I guess i had to retexturize it anyway. But its great if it works in other closed grids like inworldz. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I always use the Upload Textures and Import – it has always worked for me from other grids to IW and no problem.
    I do use Meerkat to export from SL grid and that does include the textures – not sure if that is still available *grins*

  4. I see you have your answer. :-) I tend not to build in SL because of the texture exporting. I would be careful about using non-approved TPV’s in SL. Some of the non-approved viewers have features that were known to be used by copy botters and were therefore banned from SL and some other grids.

    • @Bebe; No i wouldnt dare use anything like that! Only Imprudence :)) nowadays i mostly build in OsGrid but I have a lot of old stuff in SL i wanna use again and in the end its easier to retexturize than rebuild it all *lazy Mera* =)

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