How hard is it to grasp the tech in virtual worlds?

How hard is it to grasp the tech in virtual worlds as a newbie? We who have been a few years in vw already tend to forget the worst as time goes by. I read this in Prokofy Nevas blog and it makes you think:

“I’ll never forget going to visit one of the top computer security geeks in NY whom I happened to stumble on to fix my rather mundane computer virus problems because he was nearby. I sat down and showed him Second Life and how I had to get that working with a new video card. I pulled up the menu with the FPS and time dilation and began to chat about script time and primitive counts and how you had to check for lag and the count in people’s hair and such, showing him the different menus as my avatar expertly flew around clearing away prims or adjusting the physics colliding objects on the island and such.

He literally goggled at me. He was stunned. He said almost in awe that he thought it was really cool that a completely non-technical person could become conversant in all these things and run these servers like this, he really thought it was impressive. He is a *nice* geek and decent (fighting hackers, instead of hacking himself). And I was surprised myself that SL’s complexity on its dashboard shocked him, or that I, a nobody with nothing could run it by the “learn as you do” method”.

I think this is very very true. Yesterday Sven Idyll tried to get me to use “Starlight”, some software u install to change the skin and appearance of the Second Life viewer. It looked nice, BUT…. I got tired just to look at the manual. And I dont think im much different than the average person out there. If it gets too techie we wont use it. Simple as that. Features like this is for geeks only and its not enough if you want to grow as a grid. You have to simplify a lot more. Even if I could install that Starlight if I really tried, i dont feel its worth my time really. Most ppl are not stupid, they just dont feel like reading manuals and instructions 24/7 in their free time. It has to be easier than this if its going to be mainstream. I actually think LL was on the right track with the idea of the basic client. Maybee it was too basic though… still the idea is not bad. I also liked SL in a web solution. I did try it out and It was fine. An easy way to get ppl to try SL for a later full download of the game if they like what they see. I dont know what happened to that web thingie??

Have a fab(?) monday :]


5 Comments to “How hard is it to grasp the tech in virtual worlds?”

  1. With the Starlight i think the instructions is the hardest thing. It´s one thing to make a program but you must also explain how to install and you can do this with to many details.

    If you are a user of Windows, Starlight isn´t hard to install.

    Download the Starlight-version, ( it must be the right version – 3.1 for 31. viewer and 3.2 for 3.2 viewer), unzip the files and drag the sub-folders to the folder for Secondlife ( under C: and program(X86) ). Let the new files replace the old ones, ( If you using the win7 there will be some “ok” to do. Remeber to choose “replace all files” if you don´t think that clicking the mouse is the funniest thing you know )

    Start the viewer, select a new skin. Restart viewer and log in.. Done! Be happy :)

  2. Sorry, not 3.1 for 31. – you should use Starlight 3.1 for viewer 3.1. I think it will take a year or two before Linden will release viewer 31.X :)

  3. *Lalalalalalalala* I dont hear you…… :]

  4. I only wish it was possible for me to make StarLight easier to install, I realise that most people just like to click and go with software (me included) – I might see if it is possible with a Windows installer. If LL enabled proper skinning it would be really easy – and I imagine that this will come as the FUI work progresses.

    • @Hitomi; thanks for your comment! Yes im exactly like that, a click and go girl :] And Starlight seems very nice so I hope LL will use it as standard in a future update of the client… Take care! =)

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