A home to die for

Boudica has a wonderful place on mainland in Second life. Its protected road on one side and protected linden water on the other side.

As it happens she just lost her neighbour with the lovely garden. Im tempted to take it but I already have a place. I havent decided yet…. Its 400 LD a week and 350 prims! Awesome prize! So if you wanna have a wonderful neighbour like Boudi and a beautyful home, dont hesitate =)) SLurl Zephyr


3 Comments to “A home to die for”

  1. Boudica is a lovely person! AND pssst! she makes lovely hair too :D *woot* Destiny Hair XD

  2. *grins at Mera* You know, you should get commissions for finding residents for the sim. I do love it at Zephyr and just across the river in Patagonia there is another river lot available… room for more friends! *hint hint*

    Awww thanks Bradd :) Maybe you and Leanna can come be my neighbors, unless Mera beats you to it that is! Really though, it’s a beautiful little neighborhood to enjoy… I hope you guys will come visit me!

    I’m thinking of the great neighborhood block parties we could throw…

  3. @Bradd; she is! And she has amazing hair and clothes inWorldz and soon in SL too =))
    @Boudica; yay neighbourhood parties! Its going to be expensive for Prok. She/he dont have to pay me with money though. Im not impossible :}

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