The grid war, or friends in all worlds?

I met some of my friends in Second life the other day. Boudica and me got invited home to Whiskey lovely home and later I met Tranq. Actually I met not only Whiskey, Boudica and Tranq but also another person who wanted to be anonymous. This is a good friend from inWorldz who feels a bit awkward when she visits SL. I understand her perfectly and respects her anonymity but It shouldnt be like this. If we are friends we should be friends regardles of wich world we choose atm.


But I felt rejected too by some friends in SL when I bought my sim inWorldz and started to spend more time on that grid. Still we have to get used to gridhopping and try to understand that our friends dont abandon us or anything like that. Try to be happy for them because they are having fun doing something they like. How hard can it be? Ok its easier nowadays compared to 2009-2010, ppl grid hop more these days but still…..


…still I see those reactions often. *Please dont tell anyone im here!* What i want to ask is, the friends who reject you when u grid hop, are they worth hiding for? I myself have found a lot of friends now that are like me and accepts more worlds than one. Tranq for example is one of the founders inWordz. Still when he finds me in SL i dont feel awkward at all.

He is warm hearted and generous and he doesnt participate in any grid war. Instead he shows me some nice places in SL. And if he has no trouble accepting grid hopping, i dont think anyone else should have problems with that either. And no one should feel they have to hide. This is why I´ll never leave inWorldz (even though i visit other grids now and then). Not when they have founders like this <3<3<3

Boudica expresses this a lot better than I can do in her Second Life Profile:

“Live a little, explore a lot”. Exactly Boudi! I would  have been stuck in FB (oh horror!). Boudi and I saw beautyful trees at Whiskeys parcel so we went shopping afterwards. Right now these trees cost only 10LD!! Dont miss this opportunity, they are beatyful. SLurl Trees And warm thanks to Whiskey who is such a sweet hostess. She is so talented creating a home and furnishing. I felt at home immediately <3


11 Comments to “The grid war, or friends in all worlds?”

  1. It does not necessarily have to be to “hide from” friends or not friends. You forget one important factor here I think. There are people of all kinds that are in these worlds and a variety of reasons. Some are struggling with various illnesses. The fact that someone actually choose not to reveal theyr jumping can be due to the disease. If you have a bad day or period it might be comfort for them to be left alone without any nagging. They need a place where they can be left alone to concentrate on what they are doing. It does not have to be any particular reason why people do not want to talk about theyr “jumping” either. All cases are respected for whatever reason … at least they should be!

    Wish you a wonderful day

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I was so happy to see you guys! I hope you’ll stop by often.

    And I agree, we need only to enjoy where we are and allow others to do the same. Those who have given me grief for having a home in Second Life instead of InWorldz have been politely told to kiss my ass.

  3. I love Clutter but I love Whiskey’s in world home more then anything else in the world. If I could achieve that out of world, for real…I would be a happy person.

    it’s funny, grids….it should not be about sticking with one but finding what makes you happy. For many, it’s many or two or whatever. Although as Anitha mentioned, the reasons could be many that causes a person to ‘hide’ but if it’s because they don’t want anyone to think they are ‘cheating’ on another grid…my heart goes out to them. Not a fun or nice feeling at all but hopefully if that is the case, they realize many have ‘dual citizenships’ for different worlds and they are not alone.

  4. Hey, so that’s where Whiskey hides her vodka these days!
    I’ll come over for a coffee sometime *nods*
    And yes, I just invited myself oops v.v

  5. the dynamic changed a lot once OpenSim came along and partly due to the cost of being inSL, there can be a deep passionate connection to it. if you spent a lot of time and money making your avatar inSL and then see friends leave to other worlds and then find out your avatr can’t go to those other worlds, you can be bitter (hmm, maybe that’s me! well, it certainly is actually)

    but . . . a “new” type of avatar is firmly here now and Mera, you are the epitome of that. you came into being in a “post-SL) universe filled with many worlds and you are different in a very good way =)

    • @Ener- I never understood the inventory argument. I’d been trying to organize my out of control inventory for years in Second Life and finally achieved success the day I logged into Inworldz :-) Of course now it’s bad in both worlds.

      I’ve seen some of the writings downgrading other grids including Second Life, but never experienced it among friends. A lot of my friends from one place visit the other frequently. I think as time passes more and more people will be doing this. Certainly nothing to be bashful about I hope.

  6. Mera, you know how I feel about this, having been in a dozen “grids” prior to SL ever being launched. Do people get mad at you for using Twitter when they use another IM? Or for using Google+ when they use Facebook? All this is ridiculous to me and makes me feel those people miss the entire point of online communication.

    If I wanted one single, locked in model, I’d use Microsoft or Apple products exclusively. In over 20 years of using tech, I have found such a position to be ill-informed, parochial and narrowminded.

    And please do not even TRY to get me involved in some political “this grid/that grid” discussion – it only shows the ignorance and noobishness of the people involved.

  7. To me grid hopping is like travelling in real life. You have a home but you are free to go spend time in other cities,states or countries. Just as in real life, I love to visit different worlds to explore, visiting friends and seeing what folks are doing there. Sometimes I make day or weekend trips, sometimes a real vacation. Right now my main home is in IW, my tiny weekend get away apartment in SL. I have a lovely fully kitted campsite in Craft and I sleep on the couch of friends in the OS grid and in AVN. Sadly I have few friends in Haven and have to sleep in the park. The point is, I enjoy visiting all of the grids for different reasons and am delighted to run into someone I met on another grid. Grid hopping is here to stay and I hope to run into you soon.
    (waiting for an invite… :-) )

  8. @Anitha; thanks for your comment. Yes of course I agree, there are a lot of different reasons ppl are grid hopping. And we should respect them all. Have a nice weekend you too!
    @Whiskey! I agree I would have told them the same =) As for now i have a parcel inWorldz and in SL and also a parcel and a sim in OsGrid so Im a bit confused =))
    @Misty; I agree, and i love the pics you took of Whiskeys home!
    @Leanna; you and all friends have a standing invitation to all my homes in all grids :] xxxxx
    @Ener: Well im not sure im that “new”. Im just satisfied as long as i can haz my awesomesauze cleavage in all grids I visit :} xxxx little herring
    @Johnny; U are lucky then. Most of us has got some sour comments… But Im sure u r right, they´ll get used to it =)
    @Miso; no u r the last person I would expect to bully me for grid hopping :)) *huggles* xoxoxo
    @Bebe; i know and we have met in more than one grid already =)) Im only registered myself in SL, IW and OsGrid but via osgrid I can visit other grids via Hypergrid jump. I may have an account in NWG but it was more than 1 years since login… You have a standing invitation to all my homes sweetie <3
    We can do as we usually do, meet in Twitter first and plan where to meet nxt time :)

  9. Lovely Mera <3 In all worlds we are friends and it was so wonderful to get to spend time with you and Whiskey at her lovely home. She really has a touch with designing and creating a welcoming space that immediately when you walk into it, you feel safe and at home. I'm with Misty… if I could live in a place like that in RL, I'd be thrilled! Wow I love the pics you took! Beautiful!! I had no idea you were taking them… silly me, I should know better, right?

    It really was so relaxing hanging out there with you gals chatting about this, that and whatever, while Whiskey was handing me great landmarks of music venues to go check out and pointing out some of her neat landscaping. Then after she had to go, it was fun dashing off with you to find those trees! And of course… had to have somewhere to put the trees and you knew just the right spot! Thanks for helping me find that sweet little place to build my own little home in SL. I still need to work on the landscaping, terraforming and decorating, but always always my home is open to and and all friends new and old, in any grid, any time, with or without an invite :)

    It's true about grid-hopping being hard for some people to understand or want to try. Often it's as if you're the first to dive into the sparkling waters of a swimming pool while your friends stand at the edge tentatively dipping a toe into the waters but not sure they want to jump in yet. Some may see how much fun you're having, and how easy it really is and dive in with you, while others may be content to just grab a chair and watch from a distance. Others still may have no interest in swimming and go back to their usual pursuits. Just as in life, there's no one way to do anything, and some people take a lot of time to make up their minds to try something new. Or may be in a place where they've got too much going on in their lives to want to add to it.

    I'm just thankful for the wonderful friends I've made in all worlds, and the especially unique ones like you that I get to enjoy spending time with in more than one! Love you my friend <3 Hugs!


    • @Boudica; you nailed it again. Exactly, I agree in every word u say. We must continue to try to be more generous towards each other and realise ppl are different and its a good thing. And i long to see your place but the goats comes first <3! Huggsss =)

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