Hunt for art treasures in Second life


ArtWolf Eternal:

Hi there! I will open new art gallery where 8 artist shows their artworks.
1 st  floor: Sorya Till, Len Kiranov, Karalee Larsson, Kisla Arkright
2nd floor: ArtWolf Eternal
3rd floor: Moondrifth Tomorrow, Roxie Warwillow, Uleria Caramel.
in sky : Gherily Nyn (flowerfields)
ground: job agency and adboard (Kismet Silversmith)

Grandopening times:
Friday  21 october place will official opens
sl time  2am ( uk time friday  10pm ,Finland time  midnight ). Time 2hour.

2nd  grandopening time is :
Friday 21 october  sl time   10 pm ( uk time saturday 6am , Finland time 8am ) .Time 2 hour.

3nd grandopening time is :
Saturday  22 october sl time  6am ( uk time:  2pm , Finland 4pm ) time 2 hour.

Treasure hunt will start friday 21 october from first grandopening moment . Treasure hunt is 21 october to 28 decembre 2011. Read info  in art gallery from Treasure hunt vendor.

Photo contest starts 24 october, read more about this on the roof info board.

Take your friends with you!
ArtWolf Eternal

Afterwards you can relax, cuddle or dance on the beautyful roof of the exhibition.

This event takes place on the Japanese continent Satori. Why am I going on and on about those “continents”? Its because  I have come to realize there are a lot of people in SL who doesnt know they exist. A lot of them dont even know wich continent they live on (if they live on mainland). And its a feature to have maps and roads to follow when you are out exploring :) Why not explore this continent after your visit at the art gallery? =) Adress gallery


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