Where have all the (rich) widows gone?

This song is stuck in my head due to Vesper inWorldz who has been whistling on it for a while.  But he has to change his tune to “where have all the young girls gone *lalala* when will they ever learn?* lalala..”  now when Kate has eloped with a new sweetheart. Poor V, but she was too young for him anyway :] Congrats Kate and L! But dont tell V I said that (he is too lazy to read blogs u know ;)

So what shall he do? And what about Sven? The eligible bachelor? He was also keen on Kate. Sven were mentioning widows the other day but where are all rich widows or divorced lurking in SL? Ok they are not that young maybee, but they are loaded. Maybee Sven and Vesper could go hunting together? ;) In that case I know the place! And I have a solution. Route 7:

This is the perfect place for them to set up the honey trap; OCEAN FRONT AND LINDEN ROAD ROUTE 7 and privete beach:)  512m2,  117prim   RENTAL ONLY  499L$ /WEEK

Or buy it for 77.777LD if u are premium ;)

It´s not big, but its a long paradise beach where they can expose their awesomesauze sexpacks. And dont forget to park a porche close to the beach… (Read more about this drama under the Category “Family affair)

You will find the parcel here: ROUTE 7 512 sqm dont hesitate to visit this kontinent, Gaeta V. Gaeta V is located east of Corsica and is planned as a group of five linked continents sharing variants of the name Gaeta.

Its really beautyful with this road along endless beaches. I often drive around in my car and look at expensive parcels on mainland just for fun. What is your weekend pleasure? :P

ArtWolf gave me the idea and showed me this place. Then she put me on an deserted island where I might still stand, gazing for widows, widowers or whatever (im not picky ;)


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