Pretty pixels in 3 worlds part 3 – Second Life

When we had our healings for Alex, Kismet told us that it was a good thing to create a special place in our homes. Both irl and in pixelland. The place should be beautyful with a tree, flowers, butterflies and other animals around. Before she told us that I had created such a place at my parcel in Second Life, just a coincidence. The tree is a persica from Quark Fallen, the butterflies from Laurella Benoir and flowers from Antreas Alter. And of course my old pixel dog Lexus watching over it all, creator Enrico Genosse.

I had a craving for colour and “life” around me, thats why i created this place. Quite different from what i usually create. But it makes me feel really good, just looking at it. I often has SL open beside other windows to feel the soothing atmosphere. The music and sounds is very important too as the right windlight settings. I got my stream at Nirvana radio and I have birds twittering in the background. Wave sound are important too. Beautyful environment are healing for the soul. Take care now! xxxx

Ds. My neighbour in the background is celebrating halloween so she is a bit on the “dark side” :]

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