LEA6 a horrible place

The journey starts a bit “soft” but gets worse by the minute…

At one place i saw a door and opened it. Behind the door was a lonely and sad girl. I got a feeling that was me at my last work place. Transparent, almost not there, but in pain. A horrible place indeed. TMI maybee, but that was a feeling I got when i saw her. The other pictures are so scary so I wont publish them here….

So if you want to have a really horrible experience, TP to this LEA6 sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA6/96/162/625

soror nishi about LEA art sims:

“Yes, the Lab has finally got it’s act together as I blogged earlier (23.9.11 via Wizzy) and has given the LEA 20 sims. Those are now being made available to artists and curators for the purpose of….Art.”

Read on; soror nishi blog



2 Comments to “LEA6 a horrible place”

  1. It is a bit striking, true, especially at 4AM coupled with my normal ‘steers like a freight train’ elegance. Taken several visits to more fully explore.

  2. @Sirhc; yes im sure u r right. Its huge those LEA sims (LEA2 “The path” is nice also) and takes several visits to fully grasp it all (if ever). But this was so scary so im not sure i have the stomach for it :)

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