Pretty pixels in 3 worlds – part 1 OsGrid

I feel a bit privileged as I have 4 worlds to roam around in. OsGrid, inWorldz, Second Life and Real Life! :) My parcel in OsGrid has got some autumn touch these days. The mountain at Open Sweden got a bit more colour from all red leaves and the neighbours has lit their campfires too. I wonder when or if the snow will fall on Open Sweden? My own hosted sim in OsGrid is a bit too exotic to have snow and autumn maybee, but u never know.

I never forget my first white winter in Second Life. Strange how similar the feeling was compared to irl when the first snow fell <3 Im so happy to have this beautyful mountain. Thanks a zillion Sven Idyll xxxxx those pretty pixels are healing for me.

Bonus: Do you want your own free sim connected to the OsGrid? Read Ener Hax´s exciting experiences here; Installing a sim part 1   and  Installing a sim part 2  It can actually be very easy to install if you have no router and runs it from the same computer as the client. But if you use a separate server, be prepared for trouble and u have to be PATIENT…

Or if you dont want to end up a nervous wreck, just rent it from 5.95 USD/month here: SuperNova  They rent sims so u can place them in OsGrid or Aurora/Nova grid for example. I have friends who rent from them in OsGrid and it seems to work fine.

Its a lot of fun to have a whole sim to play on, terraform and test stuff in. Still I socialize in inWorldz (and even SL nowadays) mostly, but there are a lot of nice ppl in OsGrid. (And soon my little herring too? :) Every world has their advantages and I have found a perfect mix now I think. Without neglecting my rl, but i neglect the TV…

And Leanna, I can haz cleavage in OsGrid 2  :->


7 Comments to “Pretty pixels in 3 worlds – part 1 OsGrid”

  1. Are you trying to turn me into a lesbian or something?

  2. wait! are those pics you Mera!?! o_O

    holy crap, i need to get my OSGrid going!!!! =)

    hubba hubba!

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