Don’t worry, we’ll only cook you if you don’t pay your rent

witch cackle: By the pricking of my thumbs,something wicked this way comes!

–  Mera Kranfel: how much is a parcel 4096 sqm with a waterfront seaview in Midsomer County inWorldz?
–  Leanna Caerndow: 2812 a month
–  Leanna Caerndow: or 703 per week

Leanna Caerndow: don’t worry we’ll only cook you if you don’t pay your rent

remember, 500 iz is 1 Us dollar about. Its almost for free….  O.o

Slurl, copy and paste in chat to tp or look for Midsomer County in Map:



8 Comments to “Don’t worry, we’ll only cook you if you don’t pay your rent”

  1. Comment: Reason for this low price is that Midsomer County is and will remain a community region. Land is only for lease to cover base tier cost to IW :)

  2. impressive cleavage *whistle*

  3. Well u have to make some sacrifices in the name of PR Lea ;) But how many prim does a parcel like this give?? totally forgot about that…. i sort of dont count prims inWorldz :P

  4. I was told there was something scary in this picture, but for the live of me, all I see is something hypnotic. Perhaps that is what is so scary about the photo. :p IT’S A TRAP!

  5. I’d come visit any time! I hear you have delicious meatballs!

  6. @Jim; I do i do!! /me working frenetically, digging a hole in the ground covering it with leafs for all my delicious victims to fall into* yummie! :P

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