Evil showed his ugly face in Midsomer part 1

The strangest thing happened when we had our healing session inWorldz. It was our third healing session for AlexHayden and this time with schaman Tuilienl Tlinglit.

We had a marvellous session although not in voice this time. Afterwards Tuilien, Leanna and I decided to build a sort of a sacred place in Midsomer county. We decided to place it on Leannas parcel.

We started to build the place and we were all three standing facing the sacred stones, wishing death to Alex´s decease, when evil turned up in the middle of our circle:

–  Barnabas Collins: what manner of witch craft summons me
–  Barnabas Collins: why am I summoned
–  Tuilienl Tlinglit: we have made healings here
–  Barnabas Collins: I know nothing of healing
–  Mera: schaman healing
–  Barnabas Collins: I deal in death
–  Barnabas Collins bears his fangs
–  Tuilienl Tlinglit: fangs?
–  Barnabas Collins eyes Mera’s neck
–  Leanna Caerndow: no biting here
–  Barnabas Collins springs at mera
–  Leanna Caerndow: please, no biting
–  Barnabas Collins grins
–  Tuilienl Tlinglit: I am a witch Barnabas
–  Leanna Caerndow: we’re not into black magic
–  Barnabas Collins: then it was your meddling drew me
–  Barnabas Collins turns his gaze on the talking witch
–  Mera: There is only positive energy here
–  Barnabas Collins quickly bites his victem and launches away

But why did this happen at this particular moment? And who is this man? To be continued………….

A letter to Alex; Skylar Smythyes moving letter to Alex :´)


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