iliveisl: Second Life loses 202 private sims in 2 weeks

“again, in the light of their total sims, 200 is not a lot but it’s enough that the bean counters at Linden Lab must be flipping out”

Read on: iliveisl blog

I hope they can change this trend otherwise im afraid all grids will suffer. SL is the noob nursery of Opensim…


4 Comments to “iliveisl: Second Life loses 202 private sims in 2 weeks”

  1. “nnob nursery” *chuckles* I like that one :)

  2. well i think it will be fine – look at you! didn’t you start out in InWorldz first? =)

    • @Ener; well not exactly =)) I rezzed in SL in oct 2008 and after 2 months i got a chance to jump to the AH grid. Later on I moved to NWG, the french New world grid where i had 9 sims hosted on my own computer for a while. I was in SL also, jumping between so to speak =)

      I never got my sims running smooth in NWG so when i found inworldz 2010 july, I bought a sim. But I also has a sim in OsGrid since about spring 2011. I still like SL a lot. If you use it right its a neat place to be. With time I have learnt to use every grid to my own needs and dont let them use me so to speak. xxxxxxx

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