The tree of life

Today at 11:30AM in Midsomer County inWorldz time (same as SL time) we will have a healing gathering again. Its mainly for our friend AlexHayden but its also a way to learn how to use those tools for ourselves and friends who need healing. We have had 2 amazing gatherings in Second Life already. Today we learned about the tree of life and how the trees can heal us and our friends…

I admit i would like the schaman to have it in voice in IW too but thats not possible.  So we have to use text chat this time. Still I hope this will be a nice gathering. But Kismets voice is so meditative and relaxing so im sorry for you who missed that. Still its possible to kontakt her in Second life and get a healing session privately (Kismet Silversmith in SL).

But join us in this meeting today if you want to get a little taste of Schamanic healing and how it works. Contact Mera Kranfel if you need a TP or find Midsomer County on the map. Welcome!


5 Comments to “The tree of life”

  1. the tree of life! so many meanings come from that – i like the thought of the tree of life connecting us with heaven with its branches and with hell with its roots and of course that means connecting us with the universe and how we are all one

    *Ener the buddhist*

  2. Kismet’s voice is so soothing and the healing session last night was an amazing experience.

  3. As the Norse barbarian I am of birth the tree of life for me is the one and only Yggdrasil. The great ash-tree where Asgard,Middle Earth (Midgård), Alfheim, Jotunheim and all other worlds reside on their own branches.

    If you listen a quiet night you may here the feet of Ratatosk the squirrel run up and down the tree with news and gossip…

    But surely trees are a magical source of energy to anyone.. So even if cannot come inworld to this event I will go out and listen to the trees in the night.

  4. @Lea; it truly is. When we used text in iw i still could hear her voice when she texted =)
    @Erestor; I love those old tales too. Thanks for participating in your own way Erest <3

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