Shamanic healing

We just had a healing session for our friend AlexHayden who is very sick. We wanted to share our energy with him if possible to help him fight his deamons. We met up at Kismet Silversmith´s place in Second Life. A beautyful and refreshing place.

Kismet uses voice when she works with healing. She lead our way through the whole process with her beautyful voice. She is using an old method called Siberian Shamanic Healing, the oldest healing method known, originally born near the river Ob.

It was an amazing and moving experience. Short; One of the things we did was to try to se an animal in front of us and use that animal to help fight off Alex disease.  The choise of animal should be spontaneous. Then we had to imagine different jewels (choose one jewel) and how they took away the bad stuff and then give the jewels to people around the world. You can use this tools at home when u have learned how to do it.

We all had goose bumps and feel drained of energy afterwards. We shared our body energy with the universe as Kismet said. As if our energy had gone to anther place. And it did, i hope, to Alex who needs it.

This was a session with short notice so we will do it tomorrow again or it will maybee be thursday night in US timezone. We will meet at 11PM in Second life at the adress; (thats 8 am Swedish time ;)

Please join us because the more we are the more power we can send away to Alex.

If this works well we will try to have a session in inWorldz at 11:30AM in Midsomer County inWorldz time (same as SL time). Welcome!


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